#Telinov8 WM: Insert metadata or a file of any type into a digital asset
Telinov8 WM is a desktop and cloud-based app and the driving force behind digital chip card technology ("DCCT"). It enables us to permanently insert metadata, images, audio, video, PDF files, text messages, or bank transactions directly into a digital asset, which can be of any size and any type, from small text files, Excel, Word, PDF documents and images to e-books, music albums, videos, movies and digital chip cards. The inserted metadata and files are invisible, inaudible and in no way compromise the structure of the original file.
#What data can we insert into a digital asset using Telinov8 WM?
Metadata refers to the file name, file owner name and file description that you can insert into a digital asset.
The file to be embedded into the asset acts as an invisible digital watermark that forms an integral part of the whole. It can be a file of any type, provided that it is not larger than 1MB. This is the approximate size of a file that can be embedded into the digital asset without compromising its structure.
In addition to metadata, text messages and files, security tokens consisting of a hash code, IP address, digital signature, public key and timestamp are also built into the asset and guarantee the fidelity and security of the way data is collected and transmitted. Security tokens can never be altered, removed, damaged or misused in any way.
#Read out the inserted data
Telinov8 WM has the option to validate the watermarked digital asset, read out all the metadata you have entered, confirm the presence of security tokens and extract the watermark. If the watermarked file has undergone any unexpected changes, an error will occur.
#Set out for the future of creating authentic Authentic digital assets
The greatest value of a digital asset, such as a non-fungible token, lies in its authenticity, irreplaceability, traceability and uniqueness. DCCT Network is able to verify the authenticity and integrity of data independently of external sources and regardless of external changes that may occur in the meantime.
#DCCT Network is a blockchain system with up to three devices connected to a common peer-to-peer (P2P) computer network. Designed to host authentic digital assets, it is capable of validating data based on information independent of external sources. Transactions over the network are carried out by exchanging electronic messages in the form of digital telegrams.
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