#8 steps to take to create/mint a real, unique and self-verifying non-fungible token ("NFT")
A non-fungible token ("NFT") is not just a virtual certificate of ownership of a digital object, but a real digital art and an expression of the will and intentions of creative artists, who invest their knowledge, talent and money to finally have their works valued accordingly. Follow these 8 steps to come up with something that can truly be called an NFT:
1 Consider what kind of non-fungible token (NFT) you want to create. It can be an image, photo, animated GIF, audio, video, e-book or any other item in digital format. Pay attention to the quality and originality of the product you're creating, as this affects the commercial potential of your NFT.
2 Download and install Telinov8 WM on your computer, open it, enter the NFT name, file owner name and describe the NFT in a few sentences (up to 1,500 characters). Metadata will be inserted directly into the NFT and available upon request for reading.
3 Insert an invisible watermark into your NFT. A watermark can be, literally, a file of any type (text, image, audio, video, PDF, Word document, zip file etc.), provided that it is not larger than 1MB. This is the approximate size of a file that can be embedded into another file without compromising its structure. When it comes to creating an NFT, it is necessary to preserve the authenticity and integrity of the file(s) of which it is composed. Metadata and invisible watermarks built into the NFT prevent any changes and alterations to the original file structure.
4 In addition to metadata and files embedded as invisible watermarks, there are so-called "security tokens", which include a hash code, IP address, digital signature, public key and timestamp generated by software and embedded in the NFT.
5 Finish creating your NFT and keep in mind that the NFT can no longer be modified by a single bit. There must be no subsequent changes, upgrades, adding digital signatures, QR codes, etc. In other words, a non-fungible token must remain non-fungible.
6 You can immediately check if everything is fine with the NFT you have prepared. First, see how the file looks in the end and whether it has undergone any unexpected changes (there must not be any). Telinov8 WM has the option to validate the watermarked (NFT) file, read out all the metadata you have entered, confirm the presence of security tokens and extract the watermark. If something is wrong with your NFT, the software will report an error. The NFT is self-verifying, which means that all data required for its verification is recorded in the NFT itself. Telinov8 WM is able to verify the authenticity and integrity of data independently of external sources, even when you're offline.
7 Our service enables your NFT to go through the verification process within the Telinov8 blockchain network with up to three nodes connected to a common peer-to-peer (P2P) computer network and sharing broadcast data with each other. Unlike other algorithms based on a large number of nodes and the use of inadequate computing that unnecessarily complicate the process of verifying NFT transactions, our blockchain relies on permanent embedding of information and files directly into the transaction file using Telinov8 WM software, which greatly simplifies the whole thing. Telinov8 WM ensures that this data can no longer be removed, modified or altered. The NFT transaction is considered final after all three nodes (sender, remote database server and receiver) have validated the data contained in the NFT.
8 Decide where you will sell your NFT, in which currency and via which blockchain. Take care of the costs you will have - it is not uncommon for the cost of minting an NFT to outweigh the profits. If you use our service, these costs will be minimized.
#Set out for the future of creating authentic non-fungible tokens
The greatest value of a digital asset, such as a non-fungible token, lies in its authenticity, irreplaceability, traceability and uniqueness. Telinov8 Network is able to verify the authenticity and integrity of data independently of external sources and regardless of external changes that may occur in the meantime.
#Telinov8 Network is a simple and reliable blockchain solution with up to three nodes connected to a common peer-to-peer (P2P) computer network and sharing broadcast data with each other. The data that is transmitted and shared throughout the blockchain is referred to as a digital message. This technology is primarily adapted to deal with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or any other digital assets including, but not limited to images, photos, animated GIFs, songs, movies or e-books.
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